The White Room

Last week I got the opportunity to try something new.  Something I'd always wanted to try, but never had the resources to pull off. The high-key studio 'car shot'.  And just to make it even more difficult for myself, I was shooting white cars on white background.  Woot!

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MG Club Motorkhana Day

I'm a bit of a car nut, in case you haven't noticed.  So when someone invites me out to a motor sport event I immediately pick up my camera and get my butt in gear.  Sometimes I can even weasel my way to the other side of the barrier with nothing other than a smile or the occasional flash of a business card.  It helps that I keep my high-visibility vest in the car at all times these days, just in case.  Having one helps grease the wheels when you want to get special access to a motor sport event.

Keeping in mind though, that these are local events I'm talking about.  Try this at the F1 Grand Prix and you'll probably end up in a special room with bars, a toilet with no seat and a big angry guy named Bruce.

Hit the link for some photos from the event.

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Forgotten treasures…

Justine and I are currently in the final stages of preparing for our round-the-world trip.  We leave next week so we're starting to slightly freak out about having everything ready.

Last night I was taking inventory on what photography gear I will be taking with me and I got to the data storage decision.  I have this cool little portable "data bank" thing with a 160GB hard disk in it that I can pop in a CF card and dump all the photos to.  Thing is I haven't used it in quite a while so not only was the battery completely dead, I had no idea what was on it.  After charging it up and plugging it in, I was amazed to see some photos that I had completely forgotten that I'd taken.

Obviously they were all personal work, but still kinda silly of me.

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My website has been redesigned... I hope you like it, mum!

I'd first like to start off by apologising to the countless visitors of this website  for the minor disruptions of late.  I have been trying to figure out how certain aspects of the new website template work and trying to get things in the right spots.  So, sorry mum.  I hope you weren't inconvenienced at all.  I promise I'll call you soon, when I have time...

Now, on with the post...

As you can plainly see, things look a little different around here.  This blog post is to 'officially' announce the new website, so if you're reading this on an RSS reader, please click this link and check out the new site.  Please? :)  There's lots of new photos and stuff to have a look at.  And without all that icky Flash stuff!

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My first magazine cover!

At the beginning of the year I got sent a job by HPI Magazine which was to shoot a "matte black EVO IX" for a feature in the magazine.  That was literally the only description that I got for the job.  Turns out that the matte black EVO in question was Martin Notaras' 440kw track spec EVO which was to be taking part in the World Time Attack Challenge held in May.  Also known as 'Superlap'.
So when the editor at HPI got a hold of the photos, someone at Express Publications suggested that the article might be worthwhile using as the main feature article of the FastFours Superlap issue.  Turns out that meant that it would be on the cover.  As you can imagine I was kinda excited.
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Wireless tethering. The coolest oxymoron ever!!!

A little while ago I had an automotive photo shoot out at Bathurst, the home of the V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 car race held every year.  It's a pretty big race that has been going on for many MANY years (since 1960).  Back in the day, there was this unbeatable Nissan Skyline which had a controversial win in 1992 and subsequently caused a change in the rules which effectively banned the Skylines from the Bathurst series.
So when this photo shoot came up, and it was an Nissan R33 Skyline GTR, and it was located in Bathurst, how could I pass it up?  The problems though were that the race track is a public road, which means there would be traffic, and to make it worse there was also a push bike race in progress that meant we couldn't use the (out of the way) pit lane as planned.
What's this got to do with "wireless tethering"?  Read on to find out...
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Photoshop CS5. A dream come true...

So, in case you didn't know, I'm a bit of a sneaky so'n'so when it comes to computers.  Having working in IT for more years than I care to remember, I have a knack for getting what I want.  And so, 4 days since it was announced I have managed to get my hands on a copy of the Adobe CS5 Master Collection... a product that is not due for delivery until the end of the month.  I only obtained the Master Collection purely so I could try out the new Photoshop CS5 and the Master Collection was all I could find.

I'm sorry, but no, I will not be apologising to Adobe for 'stealing' their software because a) I'm happily running it trial mode and b) after what I have seen, I will happily fork over the $1000 to buy it upon it's release.  I'm just doing it a month early because I'm impatient.

But yes, I'm actually going to pay for a piece of's THAT good.

Read on to find out why...

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Build a bridge and get over it...

I had a pretty interesting photo shoot over the weekend.  I'm currently building a website for a friend's place of business, Guideline ACT.  They are a civil engineering and construction company here in the ACT.  So back when I delivered the website for draft I mentioned that we should probably get out and take some photos for the site to spruce it up with some custom content.  Well, I got a call on Friday about a pretty cool project they are currently working on for ACT Roads and an invite to come out and take some pictures.
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Letter from a photography student...

Yesterday I received an email from a photography student here in Canberra with two rather interesting questions.  As part of a photography assignment she had to ask a professional photographer the following two questions.
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What kind of photographer are you?

So last week I got this call from Ian Luff motivation asking me to come out and shoot a driver training day that they were putting on.  Details were a little sketchy, and the offered fee wasn't so good, but I decided to do it because there was a bit of an opportunity to get my name out there with a few people in the bizz.  The problem was, I had never ever shot anything like this before in my life and, now that I am half way through processing the photos, I'm starting to think about what kind of photographer I am, and what kind of photographer I want to be.

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