End of life...

As an automotive photographer I'm always photographing nice shiny cool looking cars that are never really that old.  To date the oldest cars I've photographed are a few Fords from the 1970's.  Because of this, you never really think about what happens to a car once it's glory days are over.  So when I was told that a few friends would be heading down to a well known wreckers in Cooma called Flynn's Wrecking Yard with the Canberra Celica Group, I just had to tag along....
We all know cars are just giant mechanical clumps of steel and plastic, but as modified car enthusiasts we like to think of them as more than that.  However, we sometimes forget that the car we drive around now is filled with technology that has come from years of building upon each one that came before it.  The cars you can buy today are vastly different from even the cars available only 5-10 years ago.  So imagine walking into a place where each step you take deeper into the yard, the older the cars around you become, and the longer they have been there.
It was quite an awe inspiring experience.  I was filled with a sense of overwhelmed amazement to see some of the cars that were there, but at the same time a deep sadness consumed me.  To witness the state of those cars many...MANY years after their day was over, their glory had faded and they had turned to rust.  It wasn't just merely a 'trip down automotive memory lane'.  It was an adventure through time.  Seeing first hand where we had come from and how far we have come.  It makes you wonder, how far have we got left to go?
What will I be driving in 50 years and where will the car I'm driving now be by then?
What about in 100 years?
Now for some photos.  Car lovers..... get your box of tissues ready....


Sue Carl on July 27, 2017 at 12:45 pm
I cried when i saw these old cars and how they have ended up.
Your photo's were fantastic.
Doc Doran on July 27, 2017 at 12:45 pm
It makes you want to take one of those poor negleted machines home...care for it, nourish it and name it George.
Great work Jamie!
Stuart Brown on July 27, 2017 at 12:45 pm
Beautiful Photographs, lovely work

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