Kayler & Simon - November 2013

So, I've been out of the game for a little while now, but the cool thing about having a few photos to show for my short time in the wedding photography game is that I still get a chance to shoot the odd wedding for friends.  I usually hook them up and do it for "free".  Free being a relative term because there are still some consumables that have to be paid for.  I don't get complaints though as my friends know they're getting a bargain. ;)
So a good friend of mine, Simon, asked me to shoot his wedding to which my response is always "if it's OK with your fiance, I'd love to".  Because, let's be honest, if the woman isn't happy, then there's no point pressing the issue.  Fortunately as soon as they get a look at some of my photos they are happy to go with it.  In fact I think they get a bit excited because having a friend shoot your wedding sort of makes you feel a bit more comfortable and as such, like you have a bit more power over the production itself.  Which I am totally cool with.  The more involved the wedding party is with the production then the less I have to push, prod, pressure and think of creative stuff to do.
Anywayz, I digress.  So here's a few photos from Simon and Kayler's wedding.  To date this is the last wedding I ever shot.  I do miss it.  Time to dust off the gear and get back into it maybe?  Who knows.  Till then I hope you enjoy these photos.

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